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We’ll be there – 24/7/365. And, we’ll bring our own equipment (mask and cape are optional). At Carter BloodCare, we understand the significant role therapeutic apheresis services play in the treatment of numerous diseases, as well as in the research of leading-edge therapies. That’s precisely why our bloodcare experts serve urgent and routine patient needs where you need us most – at the bedside. In addition to serving as a designated Be The Match® apheresis donation site, we perform leukocyte and platelet depletion, plasma exchange and red cell exchange. If we can help your patients, give us a call.

Red Cell

Red cell exchange for the
treatment of sickle cell disease,
thalassemia and some cases
of severe malaria.

Leukocyte and
Platelet Depletion

Leukocyte depletion for leukemia treatment. Platelet depletion to remove excess, and dangerously high, platelets in patients who have rare diseases.


Plasma exchange for adult and
pediatric neurology, nephrology,
hematology, oncology and patients
on extracorporeal circuits.

Be The Match® Site

Serving as a designated Be The Match® apheresis donation site, we collect autologous and allogeneic peripheral stem cells to support transplant patients.

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Sickle cell fighter has
‘many reasons to smile’

Katherine Kay Blevens chooses to celebrate the purest joys in her life – husband, children and grandchildren, despite being diagnosed …

Red Blood Cell Exchange
Offers Hope for Patients
with Sickle Cell

Pamela L. Malvern, BSN, RN, CNN – Manager, Therapeutic Apheresis

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